New collection of pj's! They are all available at the store. I love them.

Pijama Rosa (Pink Pj's)

Available here.

Pijama de Nuvem (Cloud Pj's)

Available here.

Pijama Florido (Flower Pj's)

Available here.

Pijama Florido Vermelho (Pink Flower Pj's)

Available here.

Camisola (Nightgown)

Available here.

 Enjoy! :)

This dress will be avaliable on my Etsy store soon!
If you want to see more detailed pictures, please contact me!


I've been wanting to make some panties for my dolls for a while. I didn't find any patterns online, so I ended up making one myself. I drew the pattern using Grace's undies, and I love the result! I already have two other undies done, one with pink elastic and one with an elastic full of hearts.

They are available on my Etsy Shop!.

Yesterday after school i decided to try to sew clothes for the first time. After a long time struggling i finally finished my first pair of doll shorts - even though they're not very good, they are okay for my first time sewing.

The elastic was a little too small, so those shorts are very tight.

Problem with stitching on the back.

I was not very happy with my first attempt, so i decided to make another pair of shorts. This time, I was alot happier with the final product.

Those were definitely more fun to make!

This is how it looks on the doll.
Finally, i made a new pair of polka-dot shorts, since the stitching on the first one was not good.

And on the doll:

Thats all for now!